Remote and scalable virtual dektops

RemXcale VDX provides a secure vendor-agnostic VDI platform for hybrid cloud environments at an affordable cost and from any device, to any platform, at any time.

In other words “RemXcale VDX is the Citrix for progressive SMEs”


RemXcale’s OTC virtual desktop
is a Telekom solution package with operations and services from SYSback

RemXcale VDX, the vendor-agnostic broker platform and broker for hybrid environments

  • Manage complex VDI-architectures from a single console.
  • Connect end users to their desktops and from any device.
  • Security by design with secure external access, integration to multi-factor authentication, E2E encrypted traffic.
  • Enables cost control and cost efficiency.

Start your journey towards the cloud for more security more control and replace CAPEX with OPEX.


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Deploy and scale Virtual Desktops in minutes

RemXcale VDX solution is a comprehensive desktop and application virtualization service. It runs in different public clouds as well as in hybrid-cloud environments.

It allows you to automatically and centrally manage the workspace infrastructure, from a simple VM to a complete HPC or GPU environment.

It supports Windows and Linux OS as well as application virtualization, and every standard thin client.

Highly reliable and secure. Due to the VDI deployment in a European public cloud, we guarantee our customers a 100% compliance with the European GDPR.

  • Multicloud integration
  • Automatic escalation
  • Secure remote access
  • Business Continuity
  • Cost efficiency
  • Hosted in Germany


RemXcale VDX consists of four components

And can be used in two different forms:

Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Benefit from an integrated virtual desktop solution
  • Use storage and data processing when you need it
  • Pay for resources that you use

* RemXcale collaborates with leading European cloud providers

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  • Establish virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Control and connect resources and tools – no matter whether on-prem or public or hybrid
  • Pay a monthly fee per user

What We Do?

Virtual Desktops for any App, any Platform, any Cloud

Cloud Workspaces

Cloud Workspaces allow you to access your virtual desktop from anywhere. You can choose your desired configuration to ensure the best performance and user experience.

HPC Workspaces

High-Performance Workspaces enable you to access HPC resources and software applications, making simulations and supercomputing more accessible.

GPU Workspaces

GPU Workspaces desktops enables you access to virtual machines with high performance user experience for users that needs the most graphics-intensive applications.

AI and Machine Learning in FS
Deep Learning and Data Science

Managed ecosystem with accelerated server virtualization based on Nvidia technology to access intensive compute resources for AI, deep learning, and data science.


What We Support

RemXcale supports most of the big cloud providers

RemXcale VDX workspace is a fully integrated solution, hosted in Germany. The technology is based in the service level of PaaS and SaaS running in a German / European public cloud. The solution delivers virtual desktops on the public cloud in seconds, as well as in your private infrastructure with VMware or Red Hat. It is flexible, cost-effective, and 100% compliance with the European GDPR.

RemXcale VDX interoperates with VMware vSphere to deploy Windows and Linux VDI’s. The platform allows you to manage the resources efficiently. VMware VDI’s can be integrated into a multi-cloud VDI environment. For instance, VMware on-premises with workload escalation toward the public cloud.

RemXcale VDX simplifies the virtual desktop management in the Azure cloud. Virtual machines can be easily deployed through a user-friendly interface of the RemXcale VDX Web Dashboard.

The seamless integration of RemXcale VDX and Nutanix Acropolis enables the deployment of virtual desktops in a fully operational way in record time.


RemXcale VDX embeds PCoIP technology, a high-performance protocol specially created to run CAD and graphic design workloads. PCoIP protocol meets all the security standards and the high latency demands in our VDI’s, specially created for CAD and GPU workloads. For instance, configurations with Nvidia Tesla V100, Nvidia Tesla T4.

RemXcale VDX fully integrates with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.4 onwards. It allows you to manage and deploy Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications in an easy and secure way.


RemXcale VDX is fully compatible with oVirt, a 100% open source solution.



Our Feature Services

Elastic, Flexible and Efficient

With RemXcale VDX, you can deploy VDI's in different platforms at any time, control the workloads, and scale automatically. It provides a cost-effective management mechanism for budgetary control. Pay only for what you use.

Hosted in Germany

RemXcale VDX platform is hosted in Germany. You will have the option to provision your virtual desktops in a highly secure German public cloud or where you need it.

Powerful Management

A powerful tool that allows you to organize, filter, create, and connect users with desktops. Get an overview of the user utilization and your virtual desktops.  

Secure Remote Access

RemXcale VDX supports a variety of authentication systems such as Active Directory, Azure AD, Regex LDAP, and SAML to authorize the users to access the virtual desktops secure and from any device.

Administration and Support

RemXcale VDX provides a fully managed infrastructure with security updates and systems upgrades with different types of SLAs. Our product roadmap is based on customer demands.

Desktop Backup/DR

Simple backup/restore that provides business continuity and workspace protection and recovery. Your data and applications will always be safe.

Enterprise Dashboard

Management console

VDX ensures that IT can consolidate control, automate delivery, and protect user compute resources through a single integrated platform.


Pricing model

Available in a subscription model based on users

  • Additional machines possible
  • In SaaS-model resources charged by consumption
  • Bronce service included
  • Silver and Gold Service available

In addition, RemXcale will support your business in any VDI-topics with best-in-market professional services.


Data protection and compliance

RemXcale VDX solution extends cloud security to your work environment. Your data will never leave Germany. As a result, you can rest assured that GDPR is fully complied with at all times.

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